Love Must Be Tough
Real Help For A Relationship In Crisis

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Love Must Be Tough
Real Help For A Relationship In Crisis
James Dobson

Catalogue : Littérature langues étrangères
Format :14 x 20 x 1.5 cm
240 pages
ISBN :9781842912577
Edit. / Prod. : Kingsway
Réf. CLC : 1842912577

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Présentation :

In the light of the alarming growth of marital breakdown and divorce, Dr Dobson writes for all those who are experiencing a crisis or 'rough patch' in their marriage. He has found that firm yet loving confrontation restores respect between husbands and wives, and shows how this can be achieved.

But it goes beyond the marriage relationship. All those in situations where human interests can collide will benefit from the practical wisdom in this book.

This book is needed more than ever in today's society, where recent statistics show more than 40% of marriages in the UK will end in divorce. This superb book on conflict resolution will also help with relationship problems outside of marriage.

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