The 360 degree leader
The 360 degree leader

The 360 degree leader

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Learn how to lead with maximum impact, regardless of your position, through this masterclass distillation of John C. Maxwell's thirty years of experience teaching people how to make a significant difference in their organizations.

As one of the globe's most trusted leadership mentors, John C. Maxwell debunks the myths that hold people back from leaning into and developing their influence. In this inspiring call-to-action, he shows middle managers how to leverage their unique positions and become 360 degree leaders by exercising influence in all directions-up (to the boss), across (among their peers), and down (to those they lead). Readers will learn how to overcome the challenges facing the vast majority of professionals, including the pressures and pain points that come from being caught in the middle, and will gain the confidence and competence to step into their roles as significant influencers. There are endless opportunities for those trying to lead from the middle of an organization. Complete with a workbook to help you personalize your leadership journey and the authors’ plethora of stories, studies, and development models and strategies, 360 Degree Leader equips you with the skills you need to begin making a difference in your organization, career, and life, today-with or without the promotion. From what you are, your influence is already greater than you know.

ISBN: 9781400203598
Edit. ou Prod.: Harper Collins
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Date de sortie: 31/01/2011
Langue: Anglais

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John Maxwell
John C Maxwell est un expert en leadership de renommée internationale, conférencier et auteur qui a vendu plus de 19 millions de livres. Il est le fondateur de EQUIP organisation qui a formé plus de 5 millions de dirigeants dans 126 pays à travers le monde.

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