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Tell me the Story
A Story for Eternity

Tell me the Story
A Story for Eternity
Max Lucado / Ron Dicianni

Catalogue : Littérature langues étrangères
Format :48 pages
ISBN :9781433547447
Edit. / Prod. : Crossway
Réf. CLC : 1433547447  Diffusion

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It began with a dream in the heart of God.

Against the soundless sweep of infinity, the great Creator shaped a world and filled it with children made in his own image. And that world is now the stage where a great human drama is played―the fall of the human race, its redemption, the ongoing battle between good and evil, and the coming again of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Winner of The Gold Medallion Book Award, Tell Me the Story from best-selling author Max Lucado and award-winning illustrator Ron DiCianni offers parents a powerful tool for introducing their children to the overarching story of the universe. Combining engaging illustrations with sensitive narrative, this first volume in the “Tell Me” series helps prepare children to understand their place in God’s story and hear the voice of their heavenly Father.

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